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In most cases, a website is the first impression for potential consumers. Ensuring this first impression is positive can change lost traffic into lifelong customers.

Our Website Design Process

Week One

Asking Relevant Questions

The first step in every website project is to determine our objectives. What is your goal for this website? To sell a product or service, or to promote your company? Who is your target audience? Are we giving your existing website a facelift, or building new from scratch?


Gather Content And Assets

While our team is highly trained at building epic websites, no one knows your business better than you. Descriptions of your services, products, company and team, and more are all pieces of the website puzzle we will need from you. Logos, photos, videos, and relevant login credentials are also pieces our team will require to assemble your new site.

Week Three

Design & Build

After selecting the perfect blueprint for your needs, our team begins the process of constructing your digital identity. From color palettes and website functionality to written and visual content, our team will implement and construct all the necessary pieces of your new website.

Week Four

Implementation & Review

Before we launch a website, our team performs an extensive review process. We start by ensuring all unique implementations are functioning such as dynamic response forms, interactive calculators, API connections, and more. Then we review the entire website with you to ensure it meets your expectations, making any final adjustments you have.

Have questions about the website development process? Relax, we’re professionals. Click below to start the conversation with our team and we will guide you through the project from start to finish.

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