A successful marketing strategy ALWAYS includes good content. You have to have all types of content for your audience - Picture, Video and Written. Social Hustle will not only identify gaps in content, but help you create it as well. We have the team and equipment in place to create masterpieces of content - what would some new videos or images do for your current image?



    $100 / HOUR
    • Ideation
    • Storyboarding
    • Location Scouting


    $125 / HOUR
    • Full Day Film Rate (up to 8hrs): $1000 (includes set/up break down, camera, audio recording, lighting, tripod, etc.)
    • Half Day Film Rate (up to 4hrs): $500 (includes set/up break down, camera, audio recording, lighting, tripod, etc.)
    • Hourly Rate (1-3hrs): $125 per hour


    $75 / HOUR
    • Editing, effects, transitions
    • Audio, music, sfx
    • Color grade
    • Digitize, upload, transfer media


  • Photography

    $125 / HOUR
    • Client meetings
    • Set/up break down, organizing space, camera, lighting, tripod, etc.
    • Post process editing
    • Deliverables (digitization, transfers, duplicate media, prints, framing)
    • Commercial Photography License: $1000
      • Includes folder of final photographs
        (see license agreement for details)
    • Paid Crew (drone operator, additional camera man, etc.): $50 per hour
    • Additional Rental Gear (lighting, camera, lenses, gimbal, etc.): $10-50 per hour
    • Post Production Hire (color grade, special effects, prints, framing etc.): $50 per hour
    • Royalty Free Licensed Media (music, graphics, images, etc.): $25 per unit

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