Through testing and the implementation of different tools, we have developed a way to generate high quality leads through Facebook at an effective cost.


We build a landing page that offers an exclusive home list available to the visitor. The visitor will need to leave some basic information (name, email, purchase date, etc) in order to receive this list of homes. The information provided is immediately emailed to you and your agents.

The content on this page can be changed. The pictures, texts and form fields can all be customized. However, we have a preferred proven way to do it. We suggest not changing anything…it works.


We build an audience in Facebook based on geographic location, demographics, and expected user behavior. This is the secret sauce.

This audience is usually inside a 25 mile radius around a specific city. We will create multiple audiences for multiple cities.

Our abilities to create this specific combination of geographic, demographic and expected user behavior is what sets us a part.


The final step is writing an ad in Facebook. Similar to the landing page and audiences we build, we have a proven recipe for what works on these ads. The image, the text and the Facebook page can all be changed. However, we recommend trusting our proven process and keep any changes to a minimum.

After this ad has been created, we turn on the Facebook spend. Most of our clients start out at just $5 per day. The first screenshot below shows the leads coming in for our agent who spends a maximum of $10 per day. Most days are below $5. Look at how many leads are coming in PER DAY!


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